Location of Tesla’s Gigafactory 4 officially announced by Elon Musk

Elon Musk announces location of Gigafactory 4 Europe

Big news today from Tesla CEO Elon Musk as he announced the location of Gigafactory 4 in Europe, just weeks after the completion of Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai China.

Much to the surprise of the hosts, the new factory for Tesla will be built in Germany, near the Berlin Brandenburg Airport. No other details were provided about the new Gigafactory, but there are sure to be more in the coming days. Job postings have already popped up online before the announcement from Musk.

Musk made the announcement in Germany while receiving the Autoblid Golden Wheel award for the Tesla Model 3, which was the highest scoring vehicle by the panel jury. Ironically, the prize is a literal golden steering wheel, to which Musk joked that cars in the future there may not be a steering wheel.

You can watch the moments here from the livestream. Musk first appears on stage with about 22 minutes left to go in the livestream.

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