Tesla finally launches Abyss Blue, but as a colour PPF

Tesla is finally offering the Model 3 or Model Y in Abyss Blue, but not in the way we expected. On Tuesday the company added Satin Abyss Blue to the list of available colour paint protection films (PPF), at the same time lowering prices on the other colours.

Back in October Tesla launched an in-house wrap service, offering either a clear wrap or colour wrap for the Model 3 or Model Y. At its launch the service included seven different colour options, ranging in price from US$7,500 to US$8,000.

That is a fairly steep price for a wrap. It was considered even more expensive after seeing the quality of the wrap job, which is currently only available at two Service Centers in California.

Now the list of colour PPF options has been increased to eight, and prices have been reduced to between $5,700 and $6,000.

New to the lineup is satin Abyss Blue. If Abyss Blue sounds familiar, that is one of the three exclusive colours announced for Giga Berlin. The others were Midnight Cherry Red and Quicksilver, both of which have been in production for a while, yet we still haven’t seen Abyss Blue make an appearance in Germany.

Satin Abyss Blue is one of five colour options priced at $6,000, with Slip Grey, Satin Ceramic White, and Satin Stealth Black all priced at $5,700.

According to the online shop listing, Satin Rose Gold is the only colour out of stock.

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