Tesla launches Model 3/Y wrap service in the US

Tesla has officially launched a vehicle wrap service in the United States. The service is being offered at two Service Centers in California, and is currently only available on new Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, but expected to soon expand to more locations, and include the Cybertruck.

One of the more popular aftermarket additions to Tesla vehicles is to add a vinyl wrap. Not only does this provide a layer of protection over the factory paint, it also gives owners a way to customize their vehicle beyond the same five paint colors Tesla has been offering in North America for several years. Wrapping vehicles has become so popular that many owners and fans have been calling on Tesla to add it as on official option, something which they did in China in 2020.

Now the company has brought it to the US. Drive Tesla has learned this service has been offered internally to employees for the last several months, and after a successful trial have now added it to the Tesla Shop for anyone to order.

According to the Tesla Shop listing the wrap service is only available at the West Covina and Carlsbad Service Centers in California. If you live nearby there are two types of wraps available, a ‘Clear Wrap’ and ‘Color Wrap.’ At the time of publication the ‘Clear Wrap’ listing on the Tesla Shop is not working and returning an error, so we don’t have any further details except the price – US$5,000.

If you want to go for a color wrap you can pick from one of seven “exclusive colors.” It won’t be cheap, with prices ranging from US$7,500 to US$8,000 depending on the color. This does not appear to be a vinyl wrap however, but a colored paint protection film (PPF), which is more expensive. Tesla does not say which brand they are using, except to say it is a “self-healing urethane-based film protects the paint beneath from chips, scratches and swirling.” Adding to the price of the Color Wrap is that it will include the door jambs being wrapped. This is not included on the Clear Wrap, and involves the labour intensive process of removing the doors in order to install the wrap.

Tesla says the wrap will take five to seven days to complete, during which time you will not be provided with a loaner.

Here are the available colors and its price, which is inclusive of all materials and installation.

  • Satin Stealth Black: $7,500
  • Glacier Blue: $8,000
  • Satin Rose Gold: $8,000
  • Slip Grey: $7,500
  • Forest Green: $8,000
  • Satin Ceramic White: $8,000
  • Crimson Red: $8,000


While the wrap service is only available for the Model 3 and Model Y, it will soon also include the Cybertruck. As we know Tesla has been wrapping their Release Candidate (RC) Cybertrucks for the past several months. According to Teslascope, the company will launch Cybertruck wraps within the first six months after deliveries begin, something which we still don’t know when exactly will happen.

What do you think of these new wraps and their price? Will you be ordering one? Let us know in the comments below.

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