Tesla Cybertruck to join Vegas Loop fleet

The Tesla Cybertruck has finally entered production, and soon the electric pickup truck will be part of the Vegas Loop fleet of vehicles.

The Vegas Loop is a system of tunnels underneath Las Vegas built by Elon Musk’s The Boring Company. The underground tunnels are designed to alleviate traffic congestion, ferrying passengers in Tesla electric vehicles , offering a fast and convenient mode of transport across the city, particularly around high-traffic areas like the Las Vegas Strip and the Las Vegas Convention Center.

As of the last report, the number of Teslas driving through the tunnels is closing in on 100 vehicles, including the Model 3, Model Y, and Model X, but the fleet will soon expand to also include the Cybertruck.

On Tuesday the city of Las Vegas shared a video of the Cybertruck at the Vegas Loop, which is there as part of the promotion for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

While the post gave no indication it would be a permanent fixture, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority President and CEO Steve Hill confirmed in an interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal that customers will soon be able to catch a ride in the Cybertruck, emphasizing the benefits of adding the electric pickup truck to the fleet.

“They’re going to use that truck in the system. It’s fun, but we think it’s got some real application. It’s a really useful vehicle, with the bed of a pickup truck being useful to move things around.”

Steve Hill, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority President and CEO

Hill gave no timeline for when the Cybertruck will become part of the Vegas Loop fleet, nor how many will be added, noting that it still needs to be approved, something which he does not think will take long, or get rejected.

“It has to be approved as a new vehicle in the system by the county and that hasn’t happened yet. But I don’t anticipate that it would be long, since it’s an approved vehicle on the roads. But they have to go through that process to make it available in the system.”

The Vegas Loop currently operates underneath the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) and to the strip, with a station at Resorts World Las Vegas.  The Boring Company received approval from the Las Vegas planning commission last year to expand the network by 25 miles (40km), which will extend the underground tunnel system to 65 miles (105km) with 18 new stations.

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