Tesla releases video highlighting Cybertruck’s key features

The Tesla Cybertruck is finally starting to get into the hands of customers, and the automaker is doing everything to promote it. Tesla has released a short video showcasing the selling points of the futuristic looking electric pickup truck.

Even though the video is relatively short at under one minute, Tesla managed to cram in as many selling points as possible, in line with the CEO Elon Musk’s claims that the Cybertruck ships with so many features not found in other vehicles sold by his company.

In the video, made available on X (formerly Twitter) and YouTube, Tesla highlighted the first thing people notice about the Cybertruck; the stainless steel exterior, made from a material similar to what SpaceX uses to build the Starship spacecraft. Also included are the hidden gear locker, electrical outlets of 120V and 240V, and the double displays inside the cabin (18.5 inches on the dashboard and 9.4 inches for the rear-seat riders.

Viewers will also learn about the Cybertruck’s towing capacity (11,000 pounds) and adjustable suspension system for increasing or decreasing the ground clearance. Also mentioned is the all-wheel steering system, which works by steer-by-wire, meaning the steering wheel is not physically connected to any of the wheels but relies on software to function.

While the Cybertruck already has lots of fans, the video will no doubt educate some folks on the many features of the electric pickup truck.

The Cybertruck recently was put to the test in the wild and came up short of the advertised driving range.

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