Tesla drops seven new Model 3 and Model Y Tutorials on YouTube

Tesla has dropped seven new videos to its YouTube channel focusing on the Model 3 and Model Y, giving new and old owners alike tips on how to get the best experience out of their electric vehicles.

The first video goes over the essentials of owning a Tesla vehicle. The video outlines everything from entering the car to setting up the keys and the driver’s profile. It also reviews some of the features when driving the vehicle, such as regenerative braking.


The next video is entirely dedicated to charging. It is often a question that comes up when you first get your Tesla, so a single video detailing Supercharging, public charging and the charging menu makes sense.

The third video is on the physical controls that are inside the vehicle. This includes what is on the steering wheel and how to work things such as the media controls, voice control and where to find the backup door release on the vehicle.

Video four is all about the touchscreen display, which can be intimidating for many new owners. It is a great watch, even if you have owned a Tesla for some time, as it details some of the features and things you may have forgotten about.

The fifth video focuses on Autopilot. The video is one of the longer ones and details all of the features of the technology, including calibration.

The sixth video details the software that is on the Tesla vehicles. This includes how to connect to Wi-Fi, complete over-the-air (OTA) updates and an overview of the Tesla mobile app.

Finally, the seventh video overviews support. This video touches on how to reboot your Tesla, roadside assistance and services. The video also debunks a commonly held myth and confirms that there is only one way to reboot a Tesla vehicle. As we have pointed out in the past there is no such thing as a soft reboot (two scroll wheels) and a hard reboot (two scroll wheels and press the brake pedal).

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