Lucid Air gets new line of official accessories, including a bi-directional home charger

Lucid Group has announced the launch of Lucid Vehicle Accessories, the automaker’s official line of accessories for the Air luxury electric sedan. The list of accessories includes their own home charging station that can support bi-directional charging.

Lucid Connected Home Charging Station

The Lucid Connected Home Charging Station costs $1,600 in Canada or $1,200 in the US. For that price Lucid Air owners will be able to charge their vehicles at home at up to 19.2kW. Lucid says this will give owners up to 80 miles (129km) of charge per hour through a 24ft charging cable.

For comparison, Tesla’s Wall Connector can charge at up to 11.2kW, providing 44 miles of driving range per hour.

“Lucid’s in-house Design and Engineering teams set out to package the most amount of charging power into the smallest enclosure possible, resulting in a home charging system that is the size of competitive offerings while delivering 19.2 kW. The compact new system is encapsulated in an elegant black casing built to be wall-mounted either indoors or outdoors,” the company said.

Not only will the Lucid charging station be able to charge the Air sedan, it is also equipped with the required hardware for bi-directional charging, although the capability won’t be available at launch and will require additional equipment.

Lucid says it is their first product for customers looking to “integrate their vehicle into the company’s future energy ecosystem.”

Lucid Air Crossbars and Cargo Capsule

Along with the home charging station Lucid also announced the release of crossbars ($700 CAD/$500 USD) to support the new Cargo Capsule.

The aluminum crossbars can support up to 165lbs and have a minimal impact on aerodynamics, according to Lucid. The crossbars are compatible with several Yakima mounts, including those for bikes, surfboards, and kayaks.

The crossbars will be required for the new 11.47 cu/ft Cargo Capsule, adding the equivalent of about 33% more cargo space. The Cargo Capsule features an ABS shell, and is only available in black, but with two finishes – split gloss and matte black.

It can also be opened from both sides, and has interior lighting. The Cargo Capsule will cost $2,750 in Canada or $2,000 in the US.

Lucid Air All-Weather Mats

Just in time for winter Lucid also released a new 3-piece set of all-weather floor mats. Designed in-house, the mats are slip and waterproof, feature a raised edge design, and are available in four colors: Ceramic, Graphite, Saddle and Black.

The all-weather mats are available for $375 in Canada or $250 in the US.

Lucid says all of the above accessories are available now for purchase, however a review of their online store shows that may not be entirely accurate.

All accessories are however expected to be ship before the end of the year, with the exception of the Cargo Capsule which won’t arrive until early 2023.

The charging station will also only be available in limited quantities until 2023.

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