Tesla Cybertruck bodies spotted under wraps inside Giga Texas revealing new details

Earlier this month two new Cybertruck bodies were spotted arriving outside Giga Texas. Although the exoskeletons were covered in plastic, their shape was unmistakable.

Elon Musk later confirmed they were indeed Cybertrucks by tweeting “Curses, foiled again!” in response to a tweet from @WholeMarsBlog how joked about covering them up so no one would know what they are.

Now those Cybertruck bodies have been moved inside Giga Texas, and new pictures have been shared online which provides new information about them.

The pictures were taken by a friend of @Doubled_nono, who had previously shared an image of a Cybertruck prototype inside Giga Texas earlier this year.

The latest pictures gives us a closer look at the plastic wrapping, revealing the logo of a company called Ecsar. According to their website Ecsar is an engineering solutions and construction company based in Novi, Michigan.,

Their website also shows they have previously worked with other automakers like Chrysler, Damiler, General Motors, Gona, Kenworth, Kia, Mazda, and Nissan.

Ecsar Solutions explains they work in both engineering and fabrication of  “sheet metal, piping arrangements, miscellaneous structural steel, and everything in between.”

When Tesla announced the Cybertruck they said it was going to be made with Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless-steel, indicating they have helped Tesla build the first Cybertruck bodies to assist with the initial setup of the Cybertruck production lines at Giga Texas.

The big missing piece of the Cybertruck production line is the massive 9,000 ton IDRA Giga Press. That piece of the puzzle has already arrived in Houston from Europe, but it has yet to be spotted arriving in Austin at Giga Texas.

All of these signs are pointing to Tesla being on track to begin production of the highly anticipated electric truck in mid-2023. This timeline was also reiterated in the company’s Q3 2022 earnings call last week, and in the shareholder deck which showed the Cybertruck has moved from “in development” to “tooling.”

Tesla Cybertruck moves from ‘in development’ to ‘tooling’ as production nears

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