NIO sales crumble in October as XPeng posts another strong month of deliveries

Two of Tesla’s biggest competitors in China, NIO and XPeng posted remarkably different sales figures for the month of October.

NIO October 2021 Sales

NIO, which recently celebrated customers completing over 4 million battery swaps in China, announced it delivered just 3,667 vehicles last month.

That is a drop of more than 65% compared to September when it sold a record 10,628 vehicles.

According to the automaker, the reason for the massive drop was a result of a significant “reduction in production volume” due to the “restructuring and upgrades of manufacturing lines and the preparation of new products.”

Unsurprisingly they also cited “supply chain volatilities” as another reason for the decrease.

XPeng October 2021 Sales

On the other side of the page was XPeng, which reported deliveries of 10,138 cars in October. It was the second straight month the company has posted sales of more than 10,000 (September – 10,412).

The P7 sedan was the top-seller for XPeng, accounting for 6,044 sales. Another 3,657 were of the G3 and G3i electric SUVs, while 437 deliveries went to the newly launched P5 sedan.

The company has now surpassed 100,000 total deliveries, a milestone it celebrated last month.

Unlike NIO, XPeng said it has been able to work through supply chain shortages, and the impact has been “limited.”

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