Tesla offering free lifetime Supercharging transfer on new Model S/X/Y orders

Tesla has launched a new offer to entice legacy Model S and Model X owners to upgrade by allowing them to transfer their free unlimited Supercharging to a new car. The offer is only valid until the end of the year, and is only for purchases of select new models.

According to a post by the official Tesla North America account on X, owners will be able to transfer their free unlimited Supercharging if they purchase a new Model S, Model X, or even a Model Y, marking the first time the electric SUV has been offered with free unlimited Supercharging.

The post also indicates that delivery must be completed before the end of the year in order for the deal to be valid. Tesla’s online configurator shows this likely won’t be an issue if purchasing a Model Y or Model S, as both vehicles in all trims is showing an estimated delivery date between October and November 2023. The Model X may be a little more tricky if you wait, as currently deliveries are estimated to take place between November and December 2023.

This is just the latest offer from Tesla hoping to get owners to drop their free unlimited Supercharging. Earlier this year the automaker offered a deal where owners could get 6 years of unlimited Supercharging, but only if they traded in their old vehicle with lifetime Supercharging, or removed it from their vehicle.

That was preceded by another deal where Tesla offered a $7,000 credit in Canada or a $5,000 credit in the US on their trade-in value when purchasing a new Model S or Model X.

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