Tesla Cybertruck undergoes first crash tests at Giga Texas

Tesla has conducted the first crash tests of the Cybertruck at Giga Texas, a critical step before the electric pickup truck can be delivered to customers. The crash tests took place at the newly built crash lab on the grounds of Giga Texas.

Over the last few months Tesla has been building a n on-site crash testing facility at Giga Texas, with the long tent-like structure taking shape on the north-east section of the factory complex. Last week it looked like Tesla was preparing to conduct the first crash tests inside the facility as crash test dummies were spotted in a drone flyover by Joe Tegtmeyer.

On a Monday morning flyover, Tegtmeyer was able to confirm the first crash tests have taken place, and among them was none other than the Cybertruck. Tegtmeyer shared several images of the Cybertruck, which appeared to have undergone a front-end crash test, with the front air bags visible in the cabin after being deployed.

Given the angle and the distance the images were taken from it is tough to see the damage, but it appears as through the frunk absorbed much of the force from the impact.

This is of course a very good sign that the Cybertruck is progressing towards the first deliveries. Elon Musk was hoping to have a delivery event before the end of the third quarter, but that window has now come and gone, with the latest speculation being it will take place in October.

This isn’t the first time we have seen a crash tested Cybertruck however. Last month footage was leaked showing the aftermath of a ditch rollover test, and Tesla themselves have also teased some crash testing earlier this year, although we never got to see the moment of impact.

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