Tesla Cybertruck shows off its durability in ditch rollover test

The Tesla Cybertruck is getting closer and closer to reaching series production, and as part of the process to get them into the hands of customers is crash testing. While Tesla has teased some Cybertruck crash testing, thanks to a video on TikTok we now have our first real look at what the Cybertruck looks like after entering battle, and the results look impressive.

The video was taken by CTL Logistics Inc, a trucking company based in Chicago that appears to have been contracted to tow at least two Cybertrucks from mga, the crash testing facility Tesla was using for these test. The company deleted the video shortly after it went viral, but as we all know the internet is forever.

According to decals attached to the side and rear of the Cybertruck this particular crash test was a ditch rollover test, which is pretty self explanatory by the name. Tesla vehicles, due to their heavy battery packs and low center of gravity have a very low probability of rollover risk, highlighted by the Model Y which has a rollover risk of 7.9%, the lowest of any SUV recorded to date by the NHTSA.

While we assume the Cybertruck will have a similarly low number, in the unlikely event it does rollover the driver and occupants look like they will be kept very safe. As you can see in the video above and images below, the main cabin of the Cybertruck is largely in tact with no major structural failures. It looks like the bed of the truck is still in remarkably good shape as well, but it is littered with assorted trim pieces, like those around the wheels, that fell off during the test.

Even just comparing the amount of visible damage to the body panels to what is typically seen in a rollover crash with other cars, the Cybertruck appears to have passed this test with flying colours.

Crash testing is obviously a good sign of progress, but we still don’t know when the first deliveries will take place. CEO Elon Musk was hoping to have a delivery event before the end of Q3, but with three weeks left to go that date is looking less likely. If you want to attend the event, Tesla was allowing owners to redeem 30,000 referral credits for an invitation, but that item was removed from the program yesterday.

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