Tesla shares video of first Cybertruck crash test…or did they?

Tesla has shared a new video showing what appears to be the first Cybertruck crash test. The 37 second video was shared on Twitter, but we never actually get to see the moment of impact, leading to speculation it could a cruel April Fool’s joke from Tesla.

The Cybertruck was first unveiled in 2019, and since then has become the most anticipated electric vehicle (EV) with over 1.5 million reservations and counting. After several delays the Cybertruck is expected to enter production this summer, and the automaker appears to be on track to meet that timeline as the number of sightings of the Cybertruck testing on public roads has increased in the last few weeks.

On Saturday morning Tesla hyped the anticipation even further sharing a video of the Cybertruck in the automaker’s Crash Lab. With excited employees in the background looking on, we see the Cybertruck speeding towards the concrete wall from several different angles, but in each clip the video cuts as the front end of the Cybertruck is millimeters away from impact.

Given that it is April 1, and that the video was released on Twitter early in the morning keeping with the tradition that April Fool’s jokes are only good up until noon, questions are swirling as to whether this was an actual crash test, or just clever videography.

We have seen inside Tesla’s Crash Lab before, and while this Cybertruck does have the “TEST-87856” decals, it is missing the vehicle name, Tesla ‘T’ logo, and key markings down the side that have been on all previous crash tests, like on this Model Y and Model X from Tesla’s Crash Lab video.

If this is a fake (the Cybertruck was just driving slowly towards the wall and the video was sped up), it is a very elaborate one. The Cybertruck is covered in wires and the Cybertruck’s Vault (aka bed) is filled with testing equipment. We also get to see some unique angles, like from directly above and underneath the Cybertruck.

It is difficult to understand what Tesla would have to gain from sharing a fake crash test, when the Cybertruck is arguably the most anticipated vehicle ever, and production (after multiple delays) is just months away.

Hopefully we find out soon and Tesla reveals this as a cruel prank, or they release the full video and we get to see the Cybertruck breaking the concrete wall.

What do you think, is this a real or fake crash test? Let us know in the comments below.

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