Tesla Sends Out Cybertruck Launch Team Apparel, Hinting at Imminent Start of Deliveries

Tesla has sent out ‘Cybertruck Launch Team’ apparel to employees. This is a preparatory step and hints that the official delivery event for the first Cybertrucks will take place soon.

The start of Cybertruck deliveries is a hotly anticipated event. Tesla fans, investors, and customers of the company, as well as electric vehicle and pickup truck enthusiasts around the world, are eagerly awaiting the first Cybertruck deliveries. Now there is a good hint that this could happen very soon.

On Thursday, a n anonmyous member of the Tesla Cybertruck group on Facebook shared some interesting information. According to them, their friend, who is a Tesla employee at Giga Texas, received a Cybertruck Launch Team jacket and supported their words with a photo. They explained that such apparel was received by those employees who will work at the event for the first deliveries. This hints that the first deliveries of the electric pickup truck should take place very soon.

At the end of August, Tesla began offering invitations to the event for the first deliveries of Cybertruck as part of its referral program. Under the terms, Tesla owners who attract referrals can earn credits, which can later be redeemed for an invitation to participate in the upcoming Cybertruck Delivery Event.

At the time, Tesla did not provide an exact date for the event. However, all this activity hints that it could happen in the coming weeks. Although Elon Musk expected the first deliveries to take place at the end of Q3 2023, it seems unlikely that the company will make it in time with only a few days left. However, it is better to start deliveries a little later but give customers a quality product rather than a hastily made one. Starting mass production is the most difficult step, and once Tesla can achieve it, Cybertrucks will start rolling off the Giga Texas assembly line very quickly.

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