Uber Partners with Tesla to Boost EV Adoption Among Drivers

Uber has announced a new partnership with Tesla aiming to significantly increase the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) among its drivers in the United States. This initiative is a key step in Uber’s ambitious plan to achieve zero emissions across U.S. and Canadian cities by 2030.

Under this program, first reported by Reuters, Uber drivers are being offered exclusive incentives, including a $2,000 discount on the purchase of a Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. These incentives are in addition to the existing federal tax credits available for EV buyers, making the deal even more attractive for Uber drivers.

This partnership addresses two major obstacles often faced by drivers when considering the switch to electric vehicles: the cost of ownership and the availability of convenient charging options. Andrew Macdonald, Uber’s Senior Vice President of Mobility and Business Operations, emphasized the company’s commitment to overcoming these challenges in collaboration with Tesla.

We know from listening to Uber drivers that the cost of ownership and access to convenient charging are the top two barriers preventing them from going electric, and we are … (working with) Tesla to tackle both of these issues

Andrew Macdonald, Senior Vice President of Mobility and Business Operations at Uber

A unique aspect of this initiative is the introduction of a referral code system. This is not the referral program you know, but rather it allows Uber drivers to purchase Tesla vehicles directly from the factory or from available inventory. To qualify for the incentives, drivers must finalize their vehicle purchase by March 31 and complete a minimum of 100 trips by May 15.

In addition, Uber has been organizing test drive events at Tesla stores, allowing drivers to experience these electric vehicles firsthand.

Moreover, Uber has started sharing crucial data with Tesla to enhance the EV charging infrastructure, particularly in New York City. This collaboration aims to identify and develop charging solutions in areas where Uber drivers are most active, thereby addressing the second significant barrier to EV adoption.

As of last year, Uber reported having 74,000 active EV drivers across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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