Tesla Cybertruck displays in Canada coming soon as more appear in showrooms in the US

Tesla is working to deliver Cybertrucks to showrooms across the United States, with nearly a dozen already appearing in stores in seven different states. While the Cybertruck displays have so far been limited to the US, Drive Tesla has learned Canadians can expect some very soon as well.

The first Cybertrucks started appearing earlier this week, with two showing up in California in San Jose and San Diego. The displays quickly drew crowds from fans eager to get an up close look at the production ready Cybertrucks that were living up to Elon Musk’s request for them to have micron-level accuracy in their build quality. Along with the Cybertrucks being on display, sandwich boards were also added confirming two important specs, the payload capacity and tow rating.

Not long after these two Cybertrucks made their public debut, others started appearing across the country. As of today there are currently nine on display in seven different states, according to a tracker compiled by ABetterTheater.com. However that number is expected to grow in the coming days and weeks. On Wednesday Elon Musk posted on X that “Cybertrucks are on their way to stores across North America.”

The key words here are North America. Drive Tesla has been able to confirm that Canada will be part of the Cybertruck display program. As we have previously reported there is already a Cybertruck testing in Quebec, but we have been told more will be arriving in Canada soon. While the exact locations of where the Cybertrucks will go on display was not disclosed, it was confirmed with us that there will be displays on the west coast, likely at one of the stores in Vancouver, and in the east, likely at one or more stores Ontario and Quebec.

As for the timing, the first Canadian Cybertruck displays could appear as soon as this weekend, but there is a chance they could be delayed until next week. We will keep you posted as we learn more, and let you know as soon as they appear.

If you live in Vancouver and can’t wait, you can always take a little road trip across the border to Bellevue Square Mall, where the Cybertruck will be on display this Friday.

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