SpaceX Holds Steady at $150 Billion Valuation in Upcoming Share Sale: Report

SpaceX is reportedly gearing up for a share sale next month, aiming for a valuation of around $150 billion, according to insider sources that spoke with The New York Post. This would value Elon Musk’s aerospace company at the same level as during its summer 2023 tender offer.

In July, SpaceX conducted a tender offer, amassing $750 million in cash and assigning a $150 billion valuation. This mirrored a similar deal in January, which secured the same cash amount but at a slightly lower $137 billion valuation. Although there was a steady climb from May 2022 when SpaceX was valued at $125 billion, the decision to maintain the current valuation indicates a deliberate strategy.

Recent speculations about a potential initial public offering (IPO) for SpaceX’s Starlink satellite division have circulated, with reports suggesting Elon Musk was considering an IPO as early as late 2024. However, Musk denied these rumors in a post on X platform.

While Musk highlighted Starlink’s achievement of breakeven cash flow and its majority share in active satellites, the decision not to boost the upcoming tender’s valuation indicates a cautious approach. This conservative stance aims to attract investors without provoking uncomfortable questions, acknowledging the ongoing ambiguity surrounding Starlink’s profitability.

SpaceX Starship Could Be Ready for Flight 3 by Mid-December

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