Tesla China sets new record with 83,135 vehicles sold in September

Courtesy of Tesla China
Credit: Tesla China

Tesla China set another new record last month with 83,135 wholesale units sold in September.

The new record comes from China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) data.

In year-over-year numbers, Tesla is up 90 per cent.

Previous to the record-setting September, Tesla China’s busiest month was in June of this year, with 78,906 vehicles sold.

In terms of overall OEM sales in the EV space in China, Tesla now sits in a comfortable second.

September’s rankings were:

  1. BYD, with 200,973 vehicles
  2. Tesla, with 83,135 cars
  3. SGMW with 52,377 vehicles


The overall numbers are great news for Tesla China as the company completed the production lines update in quarter three.

It will be interesting to see if Tesla China can continue to ramp up production in quarter four.

As per estimates, Tesla China is aiming for as many as 266,500 cars produced in quarter four

The push to produce is also matched by an aggressive advertising and incentive campaign by Tesla China.

The company is pushing several purchase benefits on Weibo, including:

The China Passenger Car Association breakdown did not include how many of each model were sold.

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