Giga Shanghai stays open during weeklong National Day holiday, Tesla China workers earn triple pay

While the rest of the country is on holiday, Tesla workers in China will continue to work at Giga Shanghai. However, the staff will be well compensated.

China is observing its National Day holiday, which runs from October 1st to 7th. However, the staff of Tesla’s plant in Shanghai will continue manufacturing cars. This information was obtained from two workers at the plant by the local media outlet Time Weekly.

To compensate for their inconvenience, workers will get triple their regular salary. One of the employees quoted by Time Weekly claimed he was paid three times his daily wage, worth $170, from October 1st to 3rd.

Workers will earn double their pay during the rest of the holiday, as reported by CNEvPost.

Under Chinese labor laws, the opportunity to earn triple comes a few times a year. Only on government-backed holidays can workers earn this way. On other holidays, workers are entitled to double their regular pay.

Workers can earn jumbo pay on 11 days in the year, however, they will be sacrificing spending time with their family.

It is typical for companies in China to keep operating during holidays.

Despite working through the holiday, Tesla China has recently slightly increased waiting times for its car. But that may have to do with Tesla’s decision to keep output below Giga Shanghai’s capacity till the end of the year.

Tesla also recently updated their purchase agreement giving buyers in China now have less time to pick up their cars.

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