Tesla and Pakistan’s FERN Formula Team collaborating

Tesla is partnering with one of the top Pakistani formula electric racing teams as an innovative partner for the team.

The National University and Science and Technology Pakistan and the Pakistan Navy Engineering College announced the partnership this weekend.

The partnership will see the FERN team get the following benefits from Tesla:

  • Technical Support
  • Technology Sharing
  • Essential components for electric vehicles

In addition to these benefits, Tesla is also providing a discount of 5000 EUROS on the following components:

  • Enepaq Tinybms
  • ADI and TI
  • BMS chips
  • Development boards


This is the first time Tesla has partnered with an educational institute for Formula 5 racing.

In addition to their racing, Team FERN is also working on driverless vehicles in the country.

There is no word on whether the partnership with Tesla is limited to EVs or will expand into autonomous vehicles.

Tesla also sponsors several Formula SAE student teams and provides them with free battery cells and discounted hardware.

However, this sponsorship differs from the one announced this weekend with Team FERN.

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