Tesla China’s supply chain localization rate is now over 95 per cent

Giga Shanghai

Tesla China has announced that the company’s supply chain localization rate had exceeded 95 per cent.

The announcement came via a post by Grace Tao, Global Vice President of Tesla, on the Chinese-based social-media platform Weibo.

As per reporting by PanDaily, Tao paired the announcement with a picture from the ground-breaking ceremony in January 2019.

Tao also noted how far Tesla and the overall EV industry in China had come in three years.

The 95 per cent rate is impressive and shows that US automakers can grow and excel in China with support from local industry and government.

Tesla China aimed to hit a 90 per cent localization rate by the end of 2021, and evidently, they hit that and kept going.

It is not clear what specific components are still produced outside of China.

However, we can assume that some of the parts still come from Tesla partners in the US and Europe.

This would include the camera modules, which Samsung produces in South Korea for instance.

The success of Giga Shanghai is awe-inspiring when you consider the other two new Giga factories are experiencing significant growing pains.

Both Giga Texas and Giga Berlin are still struggling to increase production amid battery shortages and logistical challenges.

While Giga Shanghai continues to produce Model 3’s and Y’s at record pace.

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