Electric Mobility Canada releases the Canada Electric Vehicle Scorecard 2021

Electric Mobility Canada released the Canada Electric Vehicle Scorecard 2021, and some of the results are interesting to say the least.

The Scorecard compares each Canadian province and territory and how they rank in EV adoption.

The Scorecard measures policies and programs from each province and territory that:

  • Ensures EV supply
  • Supports EV adoption
  • Builds charging infrastructure
  • Develops an EV workforce

In addition to the rankings, Electric Mobility Canada grouped the province and territories into categories for ease.

As you can see below, the vast majority of Canadian provinces and territories are still stuck in the building momentum or getting started groupings.

However, as you can see, two provinces are evidently leading the way.

British Columbia is the sole global leader, while Quebec is the exclusive Canadian leader.

Here are the rankings with the associated points:

  1. British Columbia – 80 points
  2. Quebec – 73 points
  3. Yukon – 36.5 points
  4. Nova Scotia – 36.5 points
  5. Prince Edward Island – 34 points
  6. New Brunswick – 27 points
  7. Newfoundland and Labrador – 21 points
  8. Ontario – 19.5 points
  9. Alberta – 15.5 points
  10. Northwest Territories – 15 points
  11. Saskatchewan – 6.5 points
  12. Manitoba – 6 points
  13. Nunavut – 2 points

Let’s hope the low score for some of Canada’s most populous and well-off provinces kicks them into high gear to help drive the transition to electric.

Perhaps the most interesting, but not surprising result is to see Canada’s vehicle manufacturing heartland in eighth.

Electric Mobility Canada worked with Dunsky Energy and Climate Advisors to develop, score and produce the Scorecard.

The full report can be read below.

ZEV Scorecard EN V8
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