Tesla China extends delivery wait time for two versions of the Model Y to 2-5 weeks following price cuts

It appears that the Tesla Model Y will see a little longer wait time in China.

Per the Tesla China website, the wait time on the Model Y has been changed to 2-5 weeks.

However, the wait time increases are only for the RWD and Long Range versions of the Model Y.

The Model Y Performance delivery remains 1-4 weeks, along with both versions of the Model 3.

It is not exactly known why the delivery window was extended.

However, with the latest price changes to the Model Y and Model 3, we could be seeing an increase in demand for the base models of the Model Y around the country.

Especially as the Model Y Performance did not see a change in delivery window timing.

Tesla cut the prices for the Model 3 and Model Y last week for the second time in three months.

The price cuts led to protests and gatherings at Tesla China facilities by consumers who feel they are owed a rebate or compensation for buying the vehicles at full price.

Although Tesla China cited lower costs for production and raw materials as the reason for the price cut, many assumed the price cut was to remain one of the leaders in the EV space.

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