Giga Berlin-Brandenburg county fair & factory tour confirmed by government official, but will be scaled back

Elon Berlin
Image via @AnnettStroer /Twitter

During Elon Musk’s visit to Germany in August, the Tesla CEO announced Giga Berlin would host a “county fair & factory tour” on October 9, 2021. The event is intended to give attendees an up-close look at the new factory, with Musk noting priority would be given to local residents, but that it would also be open to the general public.

With less than one month to go to the event and construction still ongoing, Brandenburg’s Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach has confirmed the event will take place.

In an interview with the German publication FAZ and reported by TeslaMag, Steinbach added that it will however only be open to around 3,500 local residents of Berlin and Brandenburg.

According to Steinbach, that is about the same number of employees that are at the construction site on any given day.

During his visit to Germany last month, Musk said that he hopes to have the final approvals in place and Giga Berlin production beginning in October. The Economics Minister put a slight damper on those hopes, saying “production will certainly not start at this point.”

He did put the chances Giga Berlin will have all approvals by that time at 95%.

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