Tesla announces Model S and Model X pricing in China, deliveries to begin in Q2 2023

model s model x pricing china
Credit: Tesla China

As expected Tesla announced pricing for the Model S and Model X in China on Friday, and it comes in quite a bit cheaper than what many were anticipating.

Tesla announced the new pricing in a post on the company’s official Weibo account. The Model S Long Range (LR) starts at ¥789,900 (~$156,200 CAD), while the Model S Plaid starts at ¥1,009,900 (~$199,700 CAD). Meanwhile the Model X LR starts at ¥879,900 (~$174,016) and the Plaid variant of the electric SUV starts at ¥1,039,900 (~$205,600 CAD).

As we mentioned this is lower than what many were expecting and is also lower than what Tesla was showing on its website before it pulled all pricing for the two vehicles last year.

Before that change the Model S LR had a starting price of ¥889,990 (~$173,400 CAD) and the Plaid had a starting price of ¥1,059,990 (~$206,500 CAD). Previously the Model X LR started at ¥939,990 ($183,10 CAD) and Model X Plaid started at ¥999,990 (~$194,800 CAD).

The new pricing has also been added to the website, where it also shows that deliveries will begin some time in Q2 2022. As with the change in North America earlier tonight, customers in China can also select between the yoke steering wheel and a new round steering wheel option in the configurator.

In October the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) also approved the Model S and Model X for a purchase tax exemption in China.

The relaunch of sales of the Model S and Model X in China comes more than two years after production at Fremont was halted to upgrade the production lines for the new design. Deliveries restarted in the US six months later, then Canada a few months after that, but it wasn’t until last month that deliveries restarted in Europe.

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