Electrify Canada switches to kWh billing [Update]

Electrify Canada has officially switched from per-minute billing to kWh billing at its stations across the country. The move comes a little less than a year after Measurement Canada approved the new pricing method, which takes into account how much energy you consume, and not how long you are plugged in for.

In December Electrify Canada announced plans to switch to kWh billing on January 9, and today the company made it official, updating the pricing structure in its mobile app. Until today, plugging in at an Electrify Canada station anywhere in the country would have cost your $0.57 per minute. With today’s update, the company has also introduced station-specific pricing.

According to a review of stations across the country by Drive Tesla, Electrify Canada rates vary from a low of $0.60 per kWh to a high of $0.70 per kWh. From what we could see all stations in British Columbia cost $0.70/kWh, while moving across the border into Alberta and Saskatchewan lowers the price of $0.60 per kWh.

Stations in Ontario and Quebec vary between $0.60 per kWh to $0.70 per kWh depending on the location.

These prices are on the higher end of the spectrum, especially when it comes to British Columbia. Last year Tesla also switched to kWh pricing, and Supercharger stations in BC have the lowest rates in the country, some as low as $0.11 per kWh, with most stations priced at around $0.22 per kWh. That means EV owners plugging into an Electrify Canada station in BC will be paying as much as six to seven time more than a Tesla owner plugging into a Supercharger station.

On the other hand, rates between Tesla and Electrify Canada are closer in places like Ontario, peaking at a little over $0.70 per kWh at some stations. However unlike Tesla, Electrify Canada does not offer time-of-use rates, which can lower Supercharger prices in Ontario into the $0.30 range.

Electrify Canada has a Pass+ membership which used to offer a discount on per-minute rates, but the company’s website has not been updated to reflect the change to kWh pricing and if there is a similar discount still available. We have reached out to Electrify Canada for clarification, and will update this article when we receive a response.

UPDATE 3:45pm PT: Electrify Canada tells us that their Pass+ membership for $7 month has not changed and still gives a 20% discount on charging rates. Their website will be updated shortly.

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