Tesla and Rivian trade secret lawsuit gets new orders and deadline from judge

Tesla vs Rivian

A judge in California has given some new orders and deadlines in Tesla’s lawsuit against Rivian over claims the EV startup poached employees and stole company secrets.

According to a temporary order issued on Monday by a judge in San Jose, Tesla must provide all documents within the next 30 days to substantiate its claims that former employees stole trade secrets.

Once Tesla submits those documents, Rivian will then have 30 days to respond to Tesla’s pre-trial information sharing request, reports Bloomberg.

This would include details on what Rivian did in response to the claims after Tesla alleged they had received stolen trade secrets.

The lawsuit, which was first filed in July 2020, alleges Rivian employed at least 178 former Tesla workers. Seven of them are accused of taking trade secrets to their new employer, a claim which Rivian has of course denied.

The company says they have not been able to locate the documents within any of its buildings or computer systems.

Rivian has already tried unsuccessfully to have the lawsuit dismissed in March 2021.

Rivian responds to Tesla lawsuit, asks judge to dismiss it

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