Tesla iOS app update adds Tesla Insurance claim integration, and restores the popular ‘Nearby Superchargers’ feature

Tesla pushed a new update of its mobile app to the iOS App Store last night, V4.4.0, bringing with some new features for owners with Tesla Insurance, and more.

Tesla Insurance Claim Integration

The biggest addition is the ability for Tesla Insurance policy holders to initiate and manage claims directly from within the app. Owners can now bypass third parties which were previously needed to complete the same actions.

Screenshots of the new feature show there are two tabs in the Insurance section of the app.

The first is the Summary tab, which as the name implies provides a summary of the current policy, including the period of coverage, vehicles covered, and drivers.

There is also a Manage tab, where you can access your insurance documents and also initiate an insurance claim.

Tesla has added a new support page to their website explaining the different claims and how the claim process works. They also provided some screenshots. (h/t: @tesla_adri)

Credit: Tesla

Other Changes

According to the release notes, the updated app also includes “support for bringing disconnected Powerwalls back onto Wi-Fi.”

There were also some other features changed or added that were not included in the release notes. One is a change to the “Nearby Superchargers,” which was restored to how it used to, giving the ability to see a list as well as how many stalls are open.


The app also now shows how much range you added during your previous charging session, and you can now also switch between percentage and kilometers (or miles) within the app by tapping on the battery.

The Android version of the app has not been released, but we will provide a link to the APK once it is available.

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