Tesla makes changes to its Destination Charging Program

To help expand charging options for Tesla owners, the automaker has offered its Destination Charging Program to businesses and property owners for several years.

Since its inception, Tesla has provided their High Powered Wall Connectors (HPWC) to eligible applicants to the program free of charge. Once installed and verified by Tesla, the location would be automatically added to the Destination Charger map online and on the in-car navigation.

Tesla owners could then use the chargers for free, giving a boost to the business by attracting new customers to their location.

Now Drive Tesla has learned the automaker has made some important changes to the program that change the way businesses apply, and also allow fees to be implemented for energy used.

According to an email sent to Destination Charging operators and shared with us, Tesla will soon be introducing a new HPWC that will have several new features, including reporting, remote diagnostics, and reimbursement for electricity used when charging.

Based on the wording of the email, the implementation of fees will be up to the individual property owners, and may continue to be free at many locations. It is also unclear from the email how exactly owners will be charged, and if it will be as seamless as paying for Supercharging.

The other important change from the email is that if you want to be part of the program, you will have to pay for the new Wall Connectors, which until now were provided free of charge.

We also learned from our source that after they have been installed, the business will then have to apply to be added to the Destination Charging map, as it will no longer be an automatic process.

While these changes make it a little more difficult for business owners to apply, this is likely a much needed change to the program that will ensure its longevity. By making applicants pay for the HPWC, Tesla has in turn enabled the option for them to recover the costs for electricity used while charging.

To make the program even more popular, hopefully Tesla will soon also sell a HPWC with a generic J1772 connector so that other electric vehicles can use them.

Here is a copy of the full email below.


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