Tesla Cybertruck with new camo spotted in the wild

Tesla has been driving several Cybertrucks around California recently, with seemingly daily sightings of the electric pickup truck despite the automaker’s attempt to keep it hidden with a black, white, and grey camouflage wrap. After providing a few more details about the Cybertruck this week, a new Cybertruck with a darker wrap has been added to the testing fleet.

The new Cybertruck was first spotted by Mahesh Jumar on Twitter, who posted a video of it driving along 280 in Palo Alto, a highway that seems to at be the epicenter of Cybertruck sightings. The Cybertruck was also spotted by some other Twitter users, who shared some clearer images showing the digital-like wrap in more detail.

Its unclear why Tesla went to the effort of adding another wrap. This digital-like wrap is more like what is traditionally used on prototype cars to hide details until the vehicle is ready to be revealed, but we already know what the Cybertruck will look.

According to Tesla’s Q2 2023 shareholder deck, they are currently building release candidate (RC) Cybertruck on the Giga Texas production line. Tesla said they are also conducting worldwide testing for final certification and validation, but unfortunately there was no update on a specific date for a delivery event, or any information on specs and pricing.

The only new information that was provided was about the dimensions, with Tesla saying it will be under 20ft in length and have a 6ft bed.

Here is another Cybertruck sighting from yesterday, this time with the original camo that we have been seeing for the last several weeks.

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