Tesla’s Magic Dock makes its way to Alaska

Tesla has again quietly expanded the number of Superchargers open to non-Tesla electric vehicle (EV) owners in North America, except this time it is in a location we were least expecting – Alaska.

Tesla first launched the Magic Dock in the US in February this year, installing it at nearly a dozen stations in New York and California. The Magic Dock is a built-in Combined Charging System (CCS) adapter that is quickly and easily added to existing Superchargers, allowing EVs with CCS charge ports to plug in and charge up.

Once those first stations were retrofitted, news on Magic Dock expansion went quiet for many months, during which time many of the major automakers signed on to adopt Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) on their EVs starting in 2025, putting the future of the Magic Dock in doubt.

Since then however the Magic Dock has expanded to another station in Texas, and also to two stations in Canada, breathing new life into the program. Now Tesla is opening their Supercharger network to more EVs in a place where there are not a lot of EVs to begin with.

According to an update to Tesla’s Supercharger map, the Chugiak station in Alaska is now equipped with Magic Docks on all 8 of the V3 Supercharger stalls. Given its location, we have to yet to see any reports from Tesla owners in the area spotting the Magic Docks being installed, or any reports of non-Tesla EV owners plugging in, but we should be seeing some soon as the Magic Docks are now activated.

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