Tesla accidentally reveals new Model 3 Performance details ahead of launch

Tesla has accidentally revealed new details about the upcoming Model 3 Performance through its online configurator ahead of the electric sedan’s highly anticipated launch.

Earlier today we told you about the first batch of Model 3 Performance cars being spotted at a port in Shanghai waiting to be exported. Some of the cars that were spotted were right-hand drive (RHD), suggesting at least some of them were possibly heading to the United Kingdom (UK).

It looks like our assumption may be correct as the source code for Tesla’s Design Studio in the UK has been updated behind the scenes in preparation for the launch, and it includes new details about the high-performance electric sedan.

According to a review of the source code by Drive Tesla, the Model 3 Performance will be called just that, and not Ludicrous as has been speculated for months and despite the cars having a Ludicrous badge on the trunk lid.

Tesla says the new Model 3 Performance is the “most powerful Model 3 ever, [with] all new high-performance drive units that deliver more than combined 500 horsepower.” Unfortunately one of the key specs has been left out for now, with the website saying it will go from “0-60mph in {ACCELERATION} seconds,” but Tesla describes the experience of being behind the wheel as ‘driving euphoria.’

All of that power will need equally impressive braking power, and Tesla describes the brakes on the Model 3 Performance as “high-performance” with “enhanced pedal feel and improved heat management [to] ensure consistent braking at all speeds and across a wider temperature range.”

As we have already seen, the Model 3 Performance will have a “bespoke design,” with “redesigned front and rear fascias, rear diffuser and carbon fibre spoiler give a unique look, and work together to optimise high-speed stability,.”

The online configurator also talks about the adaptive suspension and chassis. “All-new adaptive damping powered by in-house software gives you enhanced body control, without sacrificing daily usability or comfort…Bespoke chassis and suspension hardware is tuned to provide intuitive, razor-sharp response to driver inputs.”

That adaptive suspension is something unique to the Model 3 Performance, and as a result it will get Track Mode V3. “Track Mode V3 features all-new calibration for the powertrain and adaptive suspension to give you more authority behind the wheel. Plus, you can customise handling balance, stability controls and regenerative braking to set the car up how you like it.”

Something that we haven’t heard about are the headlights, but according to the source code, the Model 3 Performance will have a “unique daytime running light design for better visibility.” One detail that has us confused is that the source code also says the headlights will have “an integrated stop sign recognition to enhance road safety.”

Here are some of the other details included in the source code.

Driver Focused – The latest generation driving mode integrates adaptive suspension controls with a performance-optimised powertrain to deliver more response and fun behind the wheel.

Ventilated Sports Seats – All-new seat design with enhanced side and cushion bolsters hold you in place, while ventilation keeps you cool.

Forged Performance Wheels – Lightweight, staggered wheels provide sharper turn-in response, improved predictability, increased traction out of corners and optimised aerodynamics.

Carbon Fibre Details – The lightweight carbon fibre décor and refined weave pattern is unique to Model 3 Performance.

With these details being added to the Design Studio in the UK, and the batch of cars waiting to be exported from China, it is a good sign that Tesla is very close to finally announcing the Model 3 Performance. According to our sources the release date has been missed and pushed back several times already, but with these latest developments, including a media event held a few weeks ago in California, we expect an announcement before the end of the month.

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