Tesla fights back as US Senators call for recall over alleged suspension problems

Tesla is fighting back after coming under pressure to recall its vehicles due to alleged issues with the suspension. Two US senators, Richard Blumenthal and Edward Markey, signed a letter in which they urge the automaker to issue a recall , following a Reuters report alleging Tesla knew suspension parts faulty.

The letter refers to the investigation that reported Tesla had been shifting the blame for parts it knew were defective onto its vehicle owners. The company allegedly claims the drivers abused their cars even though it is aware of the faults in the parts. Reuters claimed Tesla had been avoiding a recall by reporting to the NHTSA and its clients that recurring failure of suspension parts could be traced to driver abuse.

The letter, however, included strong words for Tesla. It says in part, “We write with extreme concern following recent reporting about Tesla’s knowledge of safety flaws in its vehicles and concealment of the causes of these flaws from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.”

“We are disturbed that you would blame your customers for these failures. It is unacceptable that Tesla would not only attempt to shift the responsibility for the substandard quality of its vehicles to the people purchasing them, but also make that same flawed argument to NHTSA,” the letter continues.

Even though Tesla no longer has an official PR department, the company took to X (formerly Twitter) to rebut the claims made in the Reuters report. In a lengthy post on X (formerly Twitter), Tesla says Reuters fabricated the story, which included “a wildly misleading headline,” and that the report was “riddled with incomplete and demonstrably incorrect information.” Tesla goes on to deconstruct the report piece by piece, concluding by saying they “make the safest cars in the world, which are the easiest to maintain.”

You can read the full post below.

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