New Tesla Model 3 Performance batch awaits export at Shanghai Port

Tesla still hasn’t announced the new Model 3 Performance, but it appears as though we may be close as a batch of the new electric sedans have been spotted at a port in China waiting for export.

Tesla announced the new Model 3 in China in October last year, only making the entry level Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) and Long Range (LR) variants built at Giga Shanghai available for purchase. A few months later and Tesla started producing the new Model 3 at their Fremont factory in California, but again only the RWD and LR variants.

Despite numerous sightings lately, including several units at promotional photo and video shoot, as well as an invite-only media event in California earlier this month, we are still waiting for an official announcement from Tesla.

While we have yet to see evidence of new Model 3 Performance sedans coming out of the Fremont in any meaningful quantity, Giga Shanghai has apparently started production.

In a recent drone flyover of Shanghai South Port by Wu Wa, dozens of new Model 3 Performance sedans were spotted. We can tell they are the new Performance variant because of the protective tape covering the unique design elements, including the front and rear bumpers, rear spoiler, and new wheels.

This is unlike the thousands of other Model 3s which only have protective tape on the typical locations, the window trim and door handles. (h/t: @mortenlund89)

Credit: Wu Wa | YouTube

Interestingly, Giga Shanghai has already started production of the new Model 3 Performance in both left-hand drive (LHD) and right-hand drive (RHD) configurations, suggesting some of these are likely going to the United Kingdom (UK).

Credit: Wu Wa | YouTube

The video shows a packed South Port, but only a small portion of the vehicles in the lot are the new Model 3 Performance, suggesting that production is still in its early stages. It is also possible that these may not be customer vehicles, and could instead be heading to showroom locations in Europe, Australia, and other countries.

Tesla is scheduled to hold their Q1 2024 earnings call next week, April 23. The company could finally make an announcement at that time. If they do, it could be one of the lone bright spots of the call as it will likely be dominated by the production and delivery figures, as well as the recent announcement of layoffs affecting more than 10% of the workforce.

You can watch the full drone flyover below. The new Model 3 Performance sedans can be spotted at around the 0:50 mark, and again at around 6:20.

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