Starlink is helping Ukrainian children receive cancer treatment

Credit: Cnet

Starlink is not only helping the Ukrainian government and citizens remain connected to the world, the satellite internet service is ensuring Ukrainian children get access to critical cancer treatment.

When the war in Ukraine broke out, hundreds of children were part of the initial evacuation to continue cancer treatment in Europe.

A global alliance coordinated the effort led by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and ALSAC.

Although they could get kids out of Ukraine, the operation could not get reliable internet in their temporary home in a converted hotel in Poland nicknamed the Unicorn Center.

However, the Unicorn Center now has reliable and fast internet with Starlink service.

The stable internet connection allows the organization to send medical data and organize hospital transfers. As well, it will enable family members to stay in touch with the children as they wait for their transfer.

The current procedure to have kids arrive at the Unicorn Center in Poland. Then St. Jude and the ALSAC will coordinate patient transfers to other hospitals in Europe for kids to continue treatment.

Richard C. Shadyac Jr, CEO of ALSAC had this to say on Starlink internet. (via Interesting Engineering)

Because of Starlink, our global partner teams can continue sharing lifesaving medical information, and families can stay connected with their loved ones when so many are now separated in terrible ways.

Philanthropist Jared Isaacman paid for the internet connection. Isaacman led the Inspiration4 space mission last year and is the commander of the upcoming Polaris Dawn mission series.

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