Starlink Mesh WiFi Router launched for $130

Starlink has been “actively working” on developing a mesh WiFi router for several months, and it looks like the company is finally ready to launch the new product.

According to an email received by @SCMountainDad, subscribers can now purchase a mesh WiFi router directly from the company.

The email says the new device will “help wirelessly extend your Starlink WiFi network throughout your home and provide a more reliable connection wherever you need it.”

The launch of the Starlink Mesh WiFi router, which costs $130 USD (~$164 CAD), appears to be a limited rollout at the moment for users to test out the system and discover any bugs.

Some Starlink customers have already received the router and based on early tests it appears to be performing well.

On April 11 Jarred Land shared on Facebook that it is “amazing how well they did on the entire system,” adding that the system is the “best of Ubiquity and Apple.”

With the launch of the new rectangular Starlink dish in November last year the company also combined the power supply and router into one unit.

This meant users had to purchase a new Ethernet Adapter from the Starlink Shop to use a mesh system.

The Starlink Mesh WiFi Router is not available for purchase on the company’s website, but invitations are being sent out to a select number of subscribers to buy them online.

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