Starlink approved in Nigeria and Mozambique- Elon Musk

sqaure starlink dish

Elon Musk announced on Twitter that Nigeria and Mozambique both approved Starlink internet services to operate in their countries.

Although we have not seen anything official from either country, independent reporting confirmed the news.

Nairametrics confirmed with the Nigerian Communication Commission that the news is accurate.

Mozambique’s National Institute of Communications announced its approval back in February.

Mozambique was the first country in Africa to approve Starlink.

It has been a busy day for SpaceX and the Starlink team.

Earlier today, we reported that the Philippines also approved Starlink for operations in the country.

There is no word when SpaceX will make Starlink services available in either Nigeria or Mozambique. In addition, they did not provide any kind of hint of the pricing structure as of yet.

Currently, Starlink is mainly available for countries between 45 and 53 degrees latitude. However, SpaceX is still setting up its network of satellites, which will expand that area further.

SpaceX nor any official government entities have posted an announcement on the approvals.

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