Elon Musk clarifies recent Starlink for moving vehicles FCC application

Elon Musk has clarified SpaceX’s intention behind a recent application to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that would connect moving vehicles to its Starlink satellite internet service.

The application to the FCC revealed plans to add operating terminals to “vehicles, vessels and aircraft.” That created the perfect opportunity for Tesla and SpaceX fans to envision a future with their vehicles becoming mobile Starlink receivers.

CEO Elon Musk simultaneously dashed those hopes and raised new ones on Monday. On Twitter Musk clarified the terminals are “much too big” for Tesla vehicles, and they would instead be for aircraft, ships, large trucks and RV’s.

Elon Musk tweet Starlink

While disappointing for Tesla owners, it raises the prospect of being to take your RV camping or on a road trip and being constantly connected to the Starlink network.

Based on the comments Semi truck drivers could also one day have satellite internet service. Maybe it will be integrated into the Tesla Semi?


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