Rivian to launch integrated dashcam feature “soon” through OTA update

Rivian owners will soon be getting a new feature added to their R1T or R1S in the form of an integrated dashcam. The new feature will be free and arrive over-the-air (OTA) according to CEO RJ Scaringe.

Rivian has added a number of new features to their vehicles since deliveries first began late in 2021. Some of these include new driving modes like Snow Mode, as well as accessibility features like Kneel Mode and an auto-leveling feature in Camp Mode.

In April of last year Scaringe promised Sand Mode, Pet Mode, and a dashcam feature were coming soon. While both Sand Mode and Pet Mode have already been released, the dashcam feature has not yet made an appearance. That looks like it will change soon. While responding to a tweet from an R1T owner who was about to install the aftermarket Ring Car Cam, Scaringe used a Musk’ism and said it was “coming soon.”

As Tesla owners know having an integrated dashcam that utilizes multiple cameras to keep track of what’s going on around you can prove extremely helpful if you are an involved in an accident. Compared to an aftermarket dashcam which only records a view from the front of the vehicle (unless you install multiple cameras, which most people don’t do), Tesla’s dashcam feature has saved thousands of owners from being incorrectly blamed for causing an accident by recording not only the front view, but also from the sides and the rear.

Presumably Rivian’s dashcam will work in the same way. Each R1T and R1S comes with 10 external cameras, and 1 internal camera which is used to monitor driver attentiveness. Five of those external cameras are already used by Gear Guard, which is Rivian’s equivalent of Tesla’s Sentry Mode.

Rivian Gear Guard captures thieves breaking in to R1T in Oregon [Video]

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