Rivian announces Camp Mode in latest update

Rivian keeps updating the R1 pair of EVs; the latest feature is Camp Mode. The company describes the new update in a blog post, including the ability to balance the car when parked on uneven terrain.

Rivian opened its first service center in Canada in July.

If you love the outdoors and EV, Rivian is trying to sell you an electric pickup (R1T) and SUV (R1S). To enhance your camping experience, the carmaker has released a new Camp Mode. You can access it by clicking the ‘More’ icon, followed by the tent icon.

One of the top features is leveling the vehicle even when the surface is not even. The EV uses “the air suspension, our own special algorithms and multiple sensors embedded around the vehicle to determine precisely how much adjusting needs to happen at each corner of the truck or SUV to make a level surface.” It affects things like sleeping and cooking.

Existing R1T and R1S owners will get Camp Mode via an update. The update lets you “optimize the vehicles’ energy use while parked, set timers for the charging ports and outlets, turn off the interior displays, turn on a special Camp courtesy mode, and light up your campsite with floodlights in the side mirrors.”

With Rivian starting to fulfill pre-orders for the R1S, the new feature will get to more drivers.

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