Rivian releases ‘Kneel Mode’ through OTA update to improve vehicle accessibility

Rivian has released a number of useful features through free over-the-air (OTA) software update since launching the R1T last year. The latest to be released is Kneel Mode, which makes it easier to enter and exit their R1T and R1S electric vehicles.

The feature uses the air suspension to lower the height of the vehicle to approximately 10 inches off the ground. Rivian says this will make it easier to not only get in and out of the vehicle, but also to access cargo in the frunk, bed, or rear cargo area of the R1T and R1S.

Rivian says it typically takes about 5 seconds to complete the process. If someone opens a door while it is lowering, the process will pause and then resume once everyone has left the vehicle and closed all doors.

It will then stay at that height until you start driving again, at which point it will raise itself back up once you reach 5mph (8km/h).

Kneel Mode is only available when the vehicle is in Conserve or All-Purpose driving modes, and not when it is in Off-Road or Towing modes, as the lowering of the suspension could damage the vehicle or what is being towed.

It is also unavailable in Sport mode as it is already at a lower ride height.

Along with Kneel Mode, the Rivian 2022.39.03 software update also includes improvements to Gear Guard, Rivian’s version of Sentry Mode, making the interface easier to use and improving motion detection.

Here is a video of Kneel Mode in action.  You can read the release notes of 2022.39.03 here.

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