Rivian software update 2024.03.02 enhances driving modes and resolves Canadian non-compliance issue

Rivian has released a new software, version 2024.03.02, packed with enhancements that not only improve the driving experience but also hint at future capabilities. The update also corrects a Transport Canada non-compliance issue that forced the automaker to pause all Canadian deliveries last week.

One of the main focus points of the update is vehicle performance, with significant enhancements in ride feel and ride height for on-road drive modes. Drivers now have the choice between Firm, Moderate, and Soft modes. The company also improved Conserve Mode to feel smoother when driving over speed bumps, potholes, and driveways at lower speeds.

For off-road enthusiasts, the update also introduces an improved Soft Sand mode. First released last year, Soft Sand Mode has been improved thanks to lessons learned from Rivian’s victory in the Rebelle Rally, by expanding Ride Height and Ride Feel selections, translating into increased maneuverability in the sand and when cresting dunes.

Additionally, the update helps correct a Transport Canada non-compliance issue that forced Rivian to pause Canadian deliveries last week. With the update, Rivian vehicles in Canada can now drive up to 10km/h (6mph) with the lights off or in Parking mode, which the automaker says in the release notes are “helpful when camping, for example, as a courtesy to neighbouring camp sites.”

The Rivian mobile app received a significant overhaul, introducing widgets, a new health center, and references to the North American Charging Standard (NACS).

Credit: @RivianTrackr

Also included in the update is a new “Gear Guard’s Late-Night Adventure” feature, hinting at more extensive entertainment options within the Rivian infotainment system. While it is essentially a single movie clip, aptly titled “Late Night Road Trip,” found within the Gear Guard’s highlighted selections, it is available on YouTube, teasing that future updates may introduce a variety of video streaming options.

You can read the full release notes for the R1T and R1S here.

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