Rivian pauses deliveries in Canada over software issue [Update]

Rivian has temporarily paused all deliveries of the R1T and R1S in Canada. The deliveries are being cancelled due to an software issue, and it is unknown when they will resume.

Rivian started deliveries in Canada in late 2022, starting first in Vancouver, British Columbia on the west coast. The automaker has since expanded east, opening new Delivery and Service Centers in Calgary and Toronto. Those two locations only opened in recent months however, finally allowing reservation holders in those provinces to take delivery.

However, just as soon as deliveries started, they have come to a halt at all three locations. Starting earlier this week customers have been reporting that their deliveries have been cancelled in BC, Alberta and Ontario, only being told it was due to a software issue, without being provided any further details.

Drive Tesla reached out to Rivian to try and find out more details about the specifics of the software issue, when it might be fixed, when deliveries will resume, and whether the issue also impacts existing owners. A spokesperson confirmed with us that deliveries are being cancelled, but they declined to provide any further information, only saying it is being done “to ensure those vehicles receive an important software update first.”

UPDATE Feb 9 9:35am PT: Rivian provided us with new information about this software issue, and as we suspected it is due to a non-compliance issue. Deliveries should resume next week.

We are rescheduling deliveries in Canada to ensure those vehicles receive an important software update that will correct a non-compliance issue there. In affected vehicles, when the vehicle is operated in the ‘parking lights’ mode, the lamps used as daytime running lamps will illuminate. However, the brightness is not sufficient to meet the Transport Canada requirements of daytime running lamps. We are prioritizing an over the air (OTA) software update and expect to resume deliveries in Canada next week after those vehicles receive updated software. We are not aware of any accidents or injuries related to this condition.

Rivian spokesperson

This issue only appears to impact Canadian cars, as there have been no reports of similar delivery cancellations in the US, so it likely has to do with a Transport Canada regulatory issue that needs to be corrected, suggesting an over-the-air (OTA) software update will be sent out to existing owners to correct it.

If there is any good news out of this, it sounds like it is just that, a software issue, which will hopefully be corrected fairly soon and won’t require parts being physically replaced.

Have you had your Rivian delivery cancelled? Let us know in the comments below, or reach out to us at tips@driveteslacanada.ca if you have any further information.

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