Tesla highlights improvements in new Model 3 [Video]

Tesla has released a video highlighting some of the improvements found in the new Model 3. The video features a number of key employees involved in the project, giving us a design and engineering walkthrough of the upgraded electric sedan.

Tesla launched the new Model 3 in North America last month, and even before the first deliveries began, the company sent a number of vehicles to Service Centers across Canada and the US, allowing customers to get behind the wheel for a demo drive.

We were lucky enough to get one of those first test drives, and found the new Model 3 to be a significant improvement over its predecessor, with improved ride quality, suspension and handling. There is also the overhaul of the interior that makes it feel like the luxury sedan it is so often referred to as. You can read more of our thoughts on the new Model 3 here.

This has been the general consensus among other automotive journalists, as well as Tesla owners who have been able to secure a demo drive, with the new Model 3 likened to a mini Model S.

These changes are evident in the video, with Tesla’s Chief Design Franz von Holzhausen describing some of the design elements of the new Model 3. We also get a walkthrough of some of the engineering changes to the new Model 3 from Vice President, Vehicle Engineering at Tesla, Lars Moravy.

There’s much more in the video, and we’ll let the video speak for itself, which you can watch in full below. If you haven’t already booked a demo drive of the new Model 3, we strongly recommend you do as it really is that much better than the legacy Model 3, and with the free Supercharging and FSD transfers available now, it is a great time to upgrade.

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