Rivian introduces Soft Sand Mode

Rivian has announced a new feature for their vehicles, Soft Sand Mode.

The new mode will allow Rivian vehicles to optimize their traction and stability control in deep sand.

Here is exactly what it does in terms of setting changes:

The driver’s inputs are softened, throttle mapping tuned to initiate and maintain momentum over sand by allowing a gradual buildup of throttle at low speeds and then a more aggressive delivery at higher speeds, softer regenerative braking is available to the driver to avoid digging into the surface. The suspension’s damping and ride characteristics are tuned for driving over the rough, undulating surface of wind-blown sand at high speeds, soaking up ruts and holes.

As per the company, the mode will decrease the chances of getting stuck in deep sand.

The soft sand mode is the ninth driving mode from Rivian. Four for the road, and now five for those looking to go off-road.

The new mode will go live with the latest over-the-air update.

Rivian does note that people should not use soft sand mode for most off-road terrains.

The soft sand mode is really for deep sand and dunes.

Sega Rally Revo Tech Demo - Surface...
Sega Rally Revo Tech Demo - Surface Deformation and Graphics

Both the Rivian R1T and the Rivian R1S will have the new soft sand mode.

You can watch a video of the feature in action below.


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