Rivian R1T gets real-world size comparison with GMC Yukon XL

When Tesla was testing the Model Y ahead of its launch in the US, numerous fans were able to park near the electric SUV to give us a good size comparison to the Model 3 and other cars.

Even though Rivian has been extensively testing the R1T for quite some, we haven’t really seen any similar size comparisons for the electric pickup truck.

With the first deliveries expected later this month, one fan was able to come across the R1T parked next to a 2003 GMC Yukon XL SUV in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Although it is not the latest generation, the Yukon is not a small SUV. According to data from Edmunds the Yukon measures in at 219.3 inches long. That is close to the same length as the R1T, which Rivian says measures 217.1 inches.

The Yukon also appears to be slightly taller than the R1T, but that could be due to the adjustable suspension. According to Rivian the height of the R1T can vary between 72.1 inches to 78.3 inches. The Yukon is 75.7 inches tall, indicating this test R1T was in a lower suspension setting.

Rivian GMC Yukon XL
Image via Jack Waldrip /Facebook

A partial walk-around video also gives us a good view of the two vehicles side-by-side.

Rivian is gearing up to finally begin deliveries later this month. The first customer-ready R1T has already been produced, and the mobile app has been launched on the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store.

Deliveries in Canada are still scheduled to begin in November.

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