Latest Model Y and Model 3 size comparison may be the best yet

Earlier this week we saw a great photo of a red Model 3 and red Model Y facing off in a California parking lot. Now one savvy Tesla fan has taken that photo and given us what may be the best details so far on the size and dimensions of the upcoming electric SUV.

Even though the first deliveries are slated to happen next month, Tesla has yet to release any official details on some of the more detailed specs and measurements of the vehicle, like length, height, or ride height.

Self-professed Tesla fan Bob Silvern took the photo above and rotated the picture a few degrees to the wheel bottoms of both vehicles were on a horizontal grade. From there, Silvern drew some horizontal lines based on the Model 3 spec height of 56.8″, and compared it to the Model Y.

Tesla Model Y size comparison

Based on what he found, Silvern made the following conclusions.

Model 3Model YDeltaNotes
36.7 42.9 6.1Door top-front corner
13.7 14.3 0.6Axle
6.9 8.3 1.4Chassis

The roofline appears to be nearly 10″ higher than the Model 3. The door height relative to chassis height suggests that the Model Y will be much easier to get into, with the max seating height (to floor) increasing by nearly 5″. This should result in a more upright driving position also with more legroom.

The ride height is also increased  by nearly 1.5″ up to an estimated 8.3″. This should help the Model Y traverse some slightly trickier conditions than it would be comfortable for the Model to get in to. That is still nowhere close to the 16″ ride height promised for the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck.

Obviously these are all estimations based on a single photo, and we’ll definitely be learning more official numbers than this next month. But until then, this is some of the best information we have to go on, and it’s always fun speculating.

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