Faraday Future Selects Velodyne as LIDAR supplier

Faraday Future announced that Velodyne would be the exclusive supplier of LIDAR for the FF91. Velodyne’s H800 LIDAR sensor will power the FF91’s autonomous driving system.

The autonomous driving system looks to deliver several features, including autonomous driving for highway and urban settings. It also includes an autonomous parking system that will rival Tesla and other brands. Further to this, the sensor is central to the vehicles collision avoidance and safe navigation tasks.

Unlike other LIDAR sensors, the Velodyne H800 is small enough to fit into the FF91’s future-forward design.

The H800 LIDAR sensor is a solid-state sensor that is designed for automotive-grade performance. The sensor provides a combined long-range perception and a broad field of view to provide live data to a vehicle. This data can assist with safe navigation, collision avoidance and autonomous mobility applications.

The FF91 will launch within 12 months as per company documents, but the company has not confirmed a hard launch or production day.

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