EVs outsold diesel vehicles in Europe for the first time last month

For the first time ever, electric vehicle (EV) sales were ahead of diesel sales in Europe in the month of August. According to Jato Dynamics, electric and plug-in hybrid new car registrations equaled 21% or 151,737 vehicles last month in Europe.

In contrast, diesel engine vehicles slipped to 20% of total new car registrations.

This is a shocking turn of events when you consider that August 2020 saw 158,300 more diesel registrations than EVs.

The push to EVs is a trend to watch in 2021, as European dealers have moved more than 1.32 million vehicles since January. The Fiat 500, Peugeot 208, Hyundai Kona, Kia Niro and the best-selling Volkswagen ID.3 had strong EV sales performances in August.

The top-selling Tesla was the newly introduced Model Y which came in 8th place.

It should be noted that although the ID.3 was the best-selling EV with 7,904 units sold, it did not make the top five best-selling cars in Europe. That title went to the gas-powered Dacia Sandero with 14,941 sales.

Although EVs keep moving up the charts, the overall new-vehicle market is down. August 2021 was the slowest month on record in Europe since August since 2014.

Source: CarDealer

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