Tesla adds Ultra-wideband support to improve Phone Key functionality [2024.2.3]

Tesla is rolling out an upgrade to its Phone Key feature, integrating ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to enhance the precision and reliability of its vehicle unlocking system. This new feature is included in software update 2024.2.3, which first appeared this week, but will not be included for the majority of Tesla owners.

Ultra-wideband technology is known for its highly accurate location tracking, significantly surpassing the capabilities of traditional Bluetooth. It does this by utilizing short-range radio waves, allowing it to determine the precise distance between devices.

This technology will not only improve the ease and reliability of locking and unlocking Tesla vehicles, but will also enhance features like automatic door opening and the selection of driver profiles based on the proximity of the phone key to the driver’s side.

According to Not A Tesla App, the rollout of UWB support requires both a Tesla vehicle equipped with UWB hardware and an iPhone with the same capability, starting from iPhone 11 models.

That means this feature is currently available only on the upgraded Model 3, the 2023 Model X, and the Cybertruck, leaving the majority of Tesla owners without UWB supported Phone Key. Additionally, while initially only available for iPhone users, Tesla plans to extend UWB support to compatible Android devices, broadening the reach of this cutting-edge technology.

To activate the enhanced Phone Key, Tesla owners will be prompted to upgrade their Phone Key via the Tesla app, which involves granting the app access to UWB for what Apple terms “Nearby Interactions.” This process ensures that the vehicle can accurately detect the presence of the phone, streamlining the user experience.

Here are the release notes for the UWB feature.

Ultrawide band (UWB) technology is now available for Phone Key. So your vehicle and Phone Key can communicate with greater accuracy to more responsively lock, unlock, and open Automatic Doors.

In the Tesla app, choose Phone Key > Upgrade and follow the instructions. After setup, keep your iPhone Settings for Nearby Interactions on for Tesla. Requires iPhone 11+ and Tesla app 4.29.5+.

More information on other features included in 2024.2 and later can be found here.

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